Narrative and Violence

Nordic Summer University Circle 4
Image by Abigail Fields and Eden Almasude

Building on the achievements of the highly successful Study Circle “Narrative and Memory: Aesthetics, Ethics, and Politics” (2017–2019) and pursuing its engagement with storytelling practices that “open up new possibilities for reshaping and reimagining the European project,” this Study Circle shifts the focus from narrativisations of memory to narrativisations of violence within social, political, cultural, and scientific discourses. In so doing, we aim to foster a trans-disciplinary dialogue among scholars, journalists, writers, activists and other practitioners interested in identifying and scrutinising the potential implications of representational violence on our lives and our planet’s future.

Summer Symposium 2020
July 26–August 2
Experimental format with Traces

From 26 July

A Trace of Fashioned Violence
by D Rosen et al.


Wounded Bodies in Narratives: Understanding Physical Violence and Trauma through (African-American) Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction
by Roxanne Tan


Monday 27 July

10.00–10.30 CEST
Beyond the Rape: Empowering Narratives
by J. Nolan-Roll and H. Garmat
20.00–22.00 CEST
Embodied Memories, Embodied Readers: Experiments in Literary Criticism
by Abigail Fields and Eden Almasude

For Zoom link email Abigail at abigail.fields [at] yale.edu

Tuesday 28 July

12.30–13.00 CEST
Macha’s Body in Pain
by Anna Walker
13.00–13.30 CEST
The Macbeth Soliloquies
directed and choreographed by Fin Walker and performed by Nick Holder
13.30–14.00 CEST
Panel discussion with Anna Walker, Fin Walker and artist, composer and musician Dr Iris Garrelfs about the crossover of trauma and the body in our research

From Wednesday 29 July

Written on the Body: Narrative (Re)Constructions of Violence(s)
by members of circle 4


Friday 31 July

10.00–10.30 CEST
Impotent Images
by Thomas Slätis

Online Jitsi

IRL micro meet-up: Venetsia building, Lapinlahti historical mental hospital area Fahlanderin puistokuja, 00180 Helsinki

The development of the installation will be blogged and open for comments at audiographicimage.wordpress.com

13.00–14.00 CEST
Liberation or liability? How consensual bodily harm is tolerated & autonomised
by Alexandra C. Grolimund

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