Traces Summer 2020

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the Nordic Summer University Summer Session 2020 did not take place as a physical gathering, but instead took place in distant and dispersed formats of encounter, sharing and connection. The participants were invited to create a trace. Taking the advantage of the current environment, rather than collapsing under its restrictions, NSU thus opened a space for traditional and unconventional collaborations, experiments, unusual meet-ups, creative interventions and other innovative approaches. In all this, documentation, accessibility and shareability aspects were crucial.

Below you will find documentation for each trace of the 2020 Summer Symposium (click on the titles to be redirected to the respective pages).

A Trace of Fashioned Violence

Falak Vasa, Kat Zagaria, Yvette Mayorga, Joshua Kent, Catherine Feliz, Ruth K Burke, Kasem Kydd, KT Duffy, Ishan Chakrabarti, D Rosen

Link to video

Impotent Images: Narratives of Violence, but Void of Bodies

Thomas Slätis

For the Gallery, see here

Read a short post about the opening of the installation on August 6th

The original installation took place at LAPINLAHDEN LÄHDE, Helsinki.

Embodied Memories, Embodied Readers: Experiments in Literary Criticism

Abigail Field
Eden Almasude

Liberation or Liability? How Consensual Bodily Harm is Liberated & Autonomised

Alexandra C. Grolimund

The Macbeth Soliloquies

Fin Walker
Nick Holder

Macha’s Body in Pain

Anna Walker

Panel Discussion about The Macbeth Soliloquies and Macha’s Body in Pain. With Fin Walker, Nick Holder, Anna Walker, and Iris Garrelfs

Beyond the Rape: Embodiment of Empowerment

Jelena Nolan-Roll
Gal Harmat

Essays on Bodies and Violence

Orlaith Darling
Eric Doise
Imen El Bedoui
Allie Oh
Stephen Titus Olusegun
Silvia Pierosara
Jyrki Pöysä
Roxanne Tan

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