Traces Summer 2020

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the Nordic Summer University Summer Session 2020 did not take place as a physical gathering, but instead took place in distant and dispersed formats of encounter, sharing and connection. The participants were invited to create a trace. Taking the advantage of the current environment, rather than collapsing under its restrictions, NSU thus opened a space for traditional and unconventional collaborations, experiments, unusual meet-ups, creative interventions and other innovative approaches. In all this, documentation, accessibility and shareability aspects were crucial.

Below you will find documentation for each trace of the 2020 Summer Symposium.

A Trace of Fashioned Violence

Falak Vasa, Kat Zagaria, Yvette Mayorga, Joshua Kent, Catherine Feliz, Ruth K Burke, Kasem Kydd, KT Duffy, Ishan Chakrabarti, D Rosen

Impotent Images: Narratives of Violence, but Void of Bodies

Thomas Slätis

Embodied Memories, Embodied Readers: Experiments in Literary Criticism

Abigail Field
Eden Almasude

Liberation or Liability? How Consensual Bodily Harm is Liberated & Autonomised

Alexandra C. Grolimund

The Macbeth Soliloquies

Fin Walker
Nick Holder

Macha’s Body in Pain

Anna Walker

Beyond the Rape: Embodiment of Empowerment

Jelena Nolan-Roll
Gal Harmat

Essays on Bodies and Violence

Orlaith Darling
Eric Doise
Imen El Bedoui
Allie Oh
Stephen Titus Olusegun
Silvia Pierosara
Jyrki Pöysä
Roxanne Tan

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